Software for municipal management

Main Features
  • Entry and import consumption (water, gas, electricity, etc.).
  • Fluid readind Alerts.
  • Establishments of contracts with suppliers.
  • Budget allocation of invoices.
Main Strengths
  • Record consumption The agent directly enters or import the data collected by the suppliers on the meters.
  • Be alerted on periodic reading The agent is informed of the next interventions to come.
  • Manage contracts and invoices Implemetation of supplies, the contracts with suppliers and de budget allocation of invoices.

Fluids Module

Software for municipal management

Features in details


  • Reading, consumption value read on the meters.
  • Breakdown by building, Automatic allocation of consumptions according to distribution keys.
  • Costs, Costs generated by consumption indicated on the invoice.
  • Invoice, Adding the invoice as an attachment to the statement.


  • Contracts, Management and follow-up with the contract established with the suplier
  • Metering Point, Assignment of subscription to meters
  • Comparision with consumption, Correlation between consumption recorded, paid and suscribed items
  • Alerts, Notification of warning and contract renewal deadlines.

Our CMMS benefits

Can I import a file from a supplier ?

Yes. The import is easily done from the software.

You select the data modele and upload the file received by the supplier.

In collaboration with suppliers, we can prepar a large choice of models. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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