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Centralize recurring tasks such as snow removal, green space maintenance, preventive and urgent tasks or requests from citizens. You can follow the interventions, add pictures, documents, comments, and easily close them in 2 clicks, from a cell phone, a tablet in the field with a simple internet connection.

List and manage your municipal assets (buildings, equipments, trees, sewers, culverts, fire-hydrants, etc.), plan maintenance, contractual inspections, interventions, track infrastructure expenses, create alerts to remind the service or the supplier concerned.

The recreation department can receive requests for reservations of equipment, rooms, validate and schedule them, as well as communicate with the team responsible for preparation, inventory, cleaning, etc. modify at all time then invoice.

From the quote request to the management of your stocks, our CMMS offers a solution for managing inventory, purchases, alerts in the event of shortages. During an intervention an agent can include a supply in the closure of a task. Stocks are uptaded in real time.

Monitoring of fuel consumption, expenses related to maintenance, mechanics, inspection, vehicule health, mileage… 

A CMMS for a fleet of up-to-date and healthy vehicles.

Monitoring and importing your consumption (water, gas, electricity, telephone, etc.) from all supplier contrats in our CMMS. Consultation and comparison at all times.

Generate tables, graphs, export your data from CMMS, track expenses, number of hours,  requests, link a district, a building, an equipment, a parc,  etc. analyze, control, decide.

Geolocate tasks, interventions using geospatial data and listed infrastructures. Create as many work tasks as needed from the map pointing directly on it from a cell phone a tablet. Visualise your tasks of the day, the emergencies, in order to priorise. Consult at any time the history…


Create a task. an intervention request, geolocate it thanks to the cartography (link an adress, an equipment or a building to the task, be alerted, close it in 2 clicks once done.

Involve citizens in the life of your municipality thanks to an intelligent tool available  7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Develop dialogue with citizens, offer un simple et automatic follow-up…


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NaoGST is designed to meet your needs simply and effectively.



Get things done quickly in just a few clicks and manage your services more effectively.


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No more licenses! No extra fees! Accessing your software becomes simple and fast.

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Access all the necessary information for the smooth operation of your services quickly and work on them effortlessly.


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One place to store and manage your information. Easily find all your data in various views.


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NaoGST is a modular software that allows you to provide a tool tailored to different users.


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