Purchase and Stock

Software for municipal management

Main Features
  • Record and track supply requests (validation, delivery) related to current and urgent tasks.

  • Generate quote requests, orders and invoices.

  • Calculate the Weighted Average Unit Price.

  • Manage stock issues in “First in first out (fifo)” mode, first in, first out.

Main Strengths
  • Centralize the management of warehouses and products.

  • Manage quote requests, orders and invoices.

  • Monitor and value inventory.

  • Monitor budgets and accounting.

Purchase and Stock Module

Software for municipal management

Features in details

Quote request

  • Expression of needs, Creation of the desired items with the wording, the quantity of each product or service, a photo, a geolocation, etc.
  • Suppliers, Select suppliers answering your needs, register their contact details in order to purchase directly through our system
  • Purchasing, Individual purchase order to each supplier thanks to an automatic prepared email
  • Selection of the suppliers, Upon receipt of the quotes, entry of the unit prices in a comparative table which makes it possible to choose the supplier.

Purchase order

  • Budget availability, Verification of the availibilty of the budget lines concerned by the purchase.
  • Order processing, Selection of the buyer service, the supplier, the supplies/services purchased and the storage location.
  • Validation, Validation or refusal by the purchase manager. The need for supervision is ajustable according to the amount of the order.
  • Commitment, Automatic in the finance software thanks to the gateway between both software.
  • Sending the order, Transmission of the order to the supplier.
  • Reception, Monitoring of supplies and services. Taking into account partial receptions with follow-up of quantities arrived and still pending.
  • Invoice, Processing of the invoice : the buyer confirms the match wih the order. The accounting service reports the payment of the invoice.


  • Preparation, Each technical department prepares its budget. This is broken down by budget line. Once voted, the budget is validated and becomes available.
  • Synchronisation, Automatic synchronisation with the budgets instructed in the finance software.
  • Availability, Update that allows monitoring of the amounts consumed, committed and available.


  • Internal requests, Centralisation of internal requests expressed by the technical department or by other departments.
  • Supply, Stock management with the replenishment (request for quotation / order) of items out of stock or in critical stock.
  • Inventory outflow , Pointing of the stock entries and exits at each storage location. Manual entry or use of a barcode scanner. Management of barcode labels for entries.

Our CMMS benefits

For the Purchase and Stock Module

Our purchase and stock module offers multiple functions : quote, orders, budgets and stocks. They can be used in a complementary or autonomous way.

The first advantage for the technical services is to simplify and centralise the often complex processing of supplies and services. The first is to allow department to express their supply needs. These are not necessarily related to technical department.

The second advantage is the valuation of stocks in particular thanks to an automated calculation of the weighted average unit price or the management of the stock entries and exits with the FIFO method (First in – First out).

NaoGST, logiciel pour les services municipaux

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