management software for recreation department


  • Reservation requests for equipment, rooms, buildings…
  • Agenda of the availabilities
  • Validation and qualification of the requests
  • Inventory of fixtures, vouchers and invoices


  • Check availibity, Consult the agenda of a room, equipment or vehicle. The details of reservations remain confidential for the applicant.
  • Validate an intervention The manager validates or refuses reservation request. The requester receives the information automatically by email.
  • Prepare the ressource Generate the tasks to be carried out by the service or agent concerned before the reservation.
  • Make an inventory The department concerned informs of any damage or loss. This informations is logged in the resource history.
  • Transmit the voucher/invoice The manager sends the documents to the requester by automatic email.


Management software for the RECREATION department

features in Details


  • Requester, Identification (name, address, phone number, email…). The possibilities of reservations can be restricted depending on the profile’s requester : citizen, association, company….
  • Request, Entry of the wording, a description, confirmation of the start and end of the booking.
  • Recurrence, Frequency of the reservation per day, per week or per month with multiple possibilities.
  • Availability, Confirmation of the desired resources (room, equipment, etc.).


  • Navigation, Choice of the reservation according to the day, week or month view.
  • Resources, Selection of the desired resources : room, equipment (chairs, tables, sond system…), cleaning service…
  • Availabilities, Highlighting time slots reserved or awaiting confirmation.
  • Confidentiality, Restricted access to available information regarding the nature of the request and the requester.


  • Acceptation, Validation / refusal of reservation request by the resource manager.
  • Notification, The applicant receives the confirmation with an  automatically generated voucher or invoice.
  • Preparation, Intervention sent to the department concerned by the installation, preparation, delivery, electrical connection, cleaning, etc.
  • Inventory of fixtures, Instruction of any breakage, deterioration or loss of reserved items.

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our cmms benefits

for our reservation module

The first benefit for the recreation department is to centralize and follow the requests. Indeed the municipality most of the time finds it difficult to gather the requests by the various channels such phone calls, email, or even citizen passing by at the municipality. The Reservations module aims to facilitate the entry of requests by the usual agents but also by the requesters themselves. The library’s manager could have a restricted access in order to enter requests for its rooms in the library.

The manager can then validate or refuse the request. The softwware notifies the requester thanks to an automatic email notification. Requests can also be made via the municipality’s website. We integrate the booking form in iFrame in 2 clicks regardless of the type of website or the constraints of the CMS (Content Management System) / BackOffice. 

Finally, the automatic generation of the reservation voucher or the invoice (for the priced rents), the outgoing inventory of fixtures allow complete management for resource managers.

for the department

The second benefit is to coordinate tasks with technical services. Indeed a reservation ofteb leads to upstream actions such as the preparation of a room, the assembly, an electrical connection; and downstreams actions such as cleaning the room, land or picking up the movement of rented equipment. 

The whole point of  NaoGST est is to take advantage of interesting bridges between the modules, in this case we find the complementarity with the Interventions module

Concretly the manager is able to generate a request for intervention from technical services. When they accept and execute the tasks, the manager notifies it is done. 

The times spent can then appear in the reservation in the form of simple information or as a supplement on the invoice sent to the requester.

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Need to meet us, to have a demonstration of our software ? Contact-us via the link the below.

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