Software for municipal management

Main Features
  • Build statistical queries.
  • Define the data to display.
  • Visualize the results in the form of graphs.
  • Download data in .csv (Excel) format.
Main Strengths
  • Identify the successes and areas for improvement of the municipality’s processes.
  • Make decisions based on concrete data.
  • Promote the actions of the municipality through activity reports.

Statistics Module

Software for municipal management

Features in details

Pre-registred statistics

  • Interventions, Number of hours per agent, per service, per building… over a period of one week , one month, a quarter, a year… ; average response time, average cost of intervention, etc.
  • Assets, Evolution of the costs of each building, broken down between repairs, maintenance, works and regulatory controls.
  • Purchase and Stock, Evolution of purchaes over the year within each department; average time of stockouts, average time between ordering and receipt of supplies for each supplier.
  • Vehicle fleet, Evolution of costs of each vehicle, broken down between repairs, maintenance, works and regulatory controls.
  • Fluids, Evolution of consumption and costs for each type of fluid, broken down by meter or building.

New request

  • Requests, On request , we implement new useful analyses for your services.
  • Customization, In order to obtain the most effective result, we support you in the choice of formatting: table, graph, circle chart…
  • Avaibilities, Highlighting time slots already reserved or awaiting confirmation.
  • Report, We can configure the sending by email manually or automatically (every week, month, quarter, etc.). You choose the recipient(s) for each report.

Export business intelligence

  • Export, By default you can export data in csv. format. These can be used in office software such as OpenOffice Calc , LibreOffice Calc ou Microsoft Office Excel. Export to other formats is possible.
  • Business Intelligence, Thanks to our API, it is possible to interfacer our software with BI whose function is to provide very sharp decision-making dashboards.

Our CMMS benefits

For the statistics module

The statictics module allow you in a few clicks to find the information you are looking for. Exportable charts (csv.), graph to simply illustrate your research.
Almost all of the queryable fields in our software are analyzed and integrated into your statistics.

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