• Asset management
  • Health record of buildings and equipments
  • Map manafement of assets
  • Contract monitoring and periodic cheks


  • Complete the information of each asset (plans, measurements, condition, photos, documents, etc)
  • Visualise the inventory of the asset (individual form and map view).
  • Instruct and monitor contracts (safety, maintenance, upkeep, inspection, periodically).


Maintenance management software for Mucipal Services

features in details

assets INVENTory

  • Identification, Name, entry and exit date, number, section, interface, etc.
  • Dimensions, Lengh, width, land area, floor, hight.
  • Location, Geolocation (longitude, latitude), option to select cadastre, matrix, role, etc.
  • Photos, Exterior and interior views
  • Property, Buyer, assignor, mode and value acquisition, notary fees, date of the file, etc.
  • Composition, Floors (levels and sub-levels), rooms, common areas, garages, parking, etc.
  • Propreties, Building material (walls, roof, floors..), insulation (int. and ext.), accessibility (elevators, stairs, ramp), etc.
  • Occupancy, Occupanct, headcount, reception capacity, accessilibity, etc.
  • Attribute

equipments and interventions

  • Security, Extinguishers, smoke detectors, smoke extraction motors, fire dampers, etc.
  • Fluids,  Connection with meters: electricity, fuel, water, phone, gaz.
  • Equipments, Heating / air conditioning, fire hydrant, aqueduct, sewer, plumbing, furniture…
  • Intervention contraints, Presence of asbestos, alarm, keys…
  • Contracts, Upkeep/maintenance, regulatory checks, insurances…
  • History of interventions, Liste of interventions, checks, maintenance carried out, classification by date with costs.
  • Finances, Summary of costs: repair, maintenance, inspection, insurance…


  • Identification, Name, category, suplliers/ providers, effective date, end date, notice, renewal.
  • Assets, Buildings, equipments concerned by the contract.
  • Manager, Technical services in charge of contract supervision.
  • Interventions, Recurrence of tasks (generated in the Interventions module). Qualification of preventive tasks.
  • Alerts, for scheduled tasks and contract renewal deadlines

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our cmms BENEFITS


The objectif of the module is allow municipal services to better understand the assets of the municipality : buildings, parcs, equipment, vehicules, land, street furniture, borne fontaine, aqueduct, sewer, trees, fire hydrant, etc.

This involves centralising « static » information of various kind (cadastre, land, finance, technical, administrative, legal) and informations on the life of the asset and the history of the interventions.

It is then a question of managing the upkeep and maintenance of assets (insurance, period etc.) and regulatory controls (equipments, alarms, safety system, lighting, electricity…). This module includes a simple and effective alert mecanism so that you do not forget anything about the expiry of a contract or a verification operation.


First is to garantee the good condition of its assets. Knowing the state of the health of a building or a equipment makes it possible to allocate the necessary internal or external resources (provider) for its maintenance and repairs. Regarding safety and accessiblity, the municipality must ensure the compliance with the regulation in force (fire safety system incendie or acces for people with reduced Mobility).


The municipality can easily analyse the costs. On one side we find expenses already spent with a breakdown between maintenance, repairs and controls. On the other side are the expenses that will have to be spent in the years to come; multi year operations, to carry out work for example. There is a direct correlation here with projected budgets.

NEED A dEmonstration

Need to meet us, to have a demonstration of our software ? Contact-us via the link the below.

ANY questions ?

Contact Nautilux team for more information and to know the benefits of its software.